Social Responsibility

As a Minority-Owned business, we have a higher responsibility to try make a lasting difference in our local communities and our future generations. That is the reason why we support multiple missions in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Critical Human Needs, and Environment.

Key Focus Area’s

We try to support initiatives in the following areas

Critical Human Needs

Take a deep dive into the digital transformation

The first step to successful IT transformation is knowing everything we can about your current infrastructure. Our workshops, health checks, assessments, and documentation services are designed to give you comprehensive insights into your security posture.


SkyBridge will focus on determining your requirements and reviewing the current environment do identify opportunities to succeed


Skybridge will design the best solution following all industry best practices, addressing all security needs, and considering all requirements

Build and Test

SkyBridge will execute the design through implementation tasks. Similarly, multiple test scenarios will be carried out to verify all configuration are running to the highest standards.

Deploy and Launch

All built components are fully deployed and turned over the client for their operation. Knowledge transfers session will be conducted to bring you up to speed on each technology.